AB - Abundance Bible

The Abundance Bible

The Secret Teachings of Success Riches & Health

If this is the first time in your life that you have begun to learn the Secret Teachings of Abundance and Metaphysics, Consider it WELL.



Dedicated to global education and to the study and teaching of: Personal Development Philosophy, Metaphysics , Human Potential, Wealth Management, International Law, and more.


List of affirmations to improve energy, peace, and confidence.

1. I am living in acceptance. I am willing to accept the best in my life.

2. I will let myself enjoy the pleasures of life. I use my senses to be aware of the beauty of my surroundings. I will use my free will constructively. I will radiate love.

3. I will remain open-minded and this will make me more teachable.

4. A good humor belongs to me. I approach life with cheer. I radiate a enthusiastic attitude to those that I care for.

5. I am respectful to others and therefore, others are respectful to me.

6. I have a new awareness that affords me the ability to think and be creative.

7. I am a compassionate person and I am concerned about the welfare of others. Others are in turn concerned about my welfare. My service to others gives me a great release and a great strength. I serve others because I have a duty to pass on what was so freely given to me. By doing this, others are healed through the grace of the Higher Power.

8. I have surrendered my reckless will to the care of my higher power. With this surrender, I have achieved a new sense of freedom and happiness. I can turn my ego over to a power greater than myself. I do not allow my ego to block me from my faith.

9. I have made a commitment to my spiritual path, health, and state of mind. I am proud of my sincere commitment that I have made to the program of renewal and serenity.

10. I understand that the causes of my success come from my higher power. The source of my success is by the grace of the universal spirit that flows through me.