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The Abundance Bible

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If this is the first time in your life that you have begun to learn the Secret Teachings of Abundance and Metaphysics, Consider it WELL.


About Dr. George Mentz

Professor, Attorney, Author, International Speaker, CEO

Dedicated to global education and to the study and teaching of: Personal Development Philosophy, Metaphysics , Human Potential, Wealth Management, International Law, and more.

Highlights: Prof. Mentz is the Founder of the International Board of Standards for Finance and Management.  Mentz founded companies and organizations with members in over 150 countries that have trained thousands of professionals globally. Over the last 20 years, George Mentz has published hundreds of articles, books and essays in the field of finance, project management, wealth management, self-help, metaphysics, personal growth, and spiritual studies. Dr. Mentz has successfully taught over 200  undergraduate and graduate courses both online and onsite; He is Winner of several distinguished and National faculty awards and holds various credentials in finance, law, and education.

Executive Experience and Notables

CEO American Academy 1/01 to Present - www.aafm.us/georgementz.html

Professor/Lawyer/Author 8/98 to Present – www.gmentz.com

Notable and Memberships:

  • — International Leader in the Area of Wealth Management and Project Mgt.
  • — Teacher of over 180 College, Graduate and Law Courses.
  • — Doctor of Spiritual Studies – Emerson Theological Institute
  • — On the Board of Advisors of the: American Academy, The Arab Academy of Banking, The India Institute of Finance, Latin American Academy, and the China Wealth Management Council
  • — Served on various boards for various charities, churches, schools, foundations and more.
  • — Published and presented on TV, Radio, Commercials, Webcasts etc.
  • — Editor and Manager of Several Online Groups and Organizational Email newsletters constituting over 25,000 global members.


Author, Writer, and Editor

In the last 15 years, Prof. Mentz has presented and written dozens of books and essays on the topics of: Wealth Management, Human Potential, Metaphysics, Religion, Self Help, Personal Development, Secret Societies, Masonic and Templar Lore. Mentz has also authored dozens on essays and manuscripts on these subjects.

Doctorate, MBA, Education & Credentials

  • Juris Doctorate - International Law - Loyola University School of Law - Completed law courses at William & Mary and Tulane Law School - Completing law studies in Madrid Spain, Sao Paulo Brazil, and Cuernavaca, Mexico. – Government law license backing up doctorate degree.
  • M.B.A. Loyola University Business School, NO, LA - Completed courses at Catholique University, Louvain, Belgium
  • C.I.L.S - Graduate International Studies Qualification – Advanced Certification in International Legal Studies - Satisfying the requirements for the International Law Certificate Program.
  • B.A. - LSU, Bachelor of Arts in International Politics - after attending courses in the USA and Europe Universität von Innsbruck UNO Program (1983-8)